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About Us

Tikkun - A Center for Gathering, Education and Social Change was founded in 1999. Since then, Tikkun has laid the foundations for six mission-driven communities of educators, who are graduates of the HaMahanot HaOlim youth movement across the country. The members of these communities work in the fields of education and society, to create profound change at both the local and national levels.
Currently, Tikkun operates a range of educational programs around the country, including clubs for socially excluded children and youth, seminars and workshops at schools, educational holocaust remembrance journeys to Poland, academic programs to train educators and more.  Over 25,000 children, youth and adults from diverse populations take part every year in Tikkun programs.

 Building Mission-Driven Communities of Educators 

קיבוצי מחנכים

Every year dozens of graduates of the Hamahanot Haolim movement complete their military service in the Nahal Corps (which combines military service with social volunteering). They can then choose a lifestyle as “modern day pioneers”, adopting an entrepreneurial stance as activists for long-term change in Israeli society. These groups of young adults need tools and guidance to enable them to grow and act long-term as adult educational communities and as professionals in social and educational entrepreneurship.
During our 20 years of activity, Tikkun has developed professional tools in this field and more and more young adults are choosing to create and join Mission-Driven Communities, for themselves and for Israeli society. We are very proud that as a result of this activity, the educator communities have been an expanding alternative among young adults, for themselves and for Israeli society.
Geographic distribution: Nof Hagalil, Migdal Ha’emek, Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Na’aran, Eilat

Our Senior Staff

Chair of the Executive Board: Mr. Uri Nitzav,

Co-CEO: Ms. Limor Segal,

Co-CEO: Mr. Yair Raviv,

Treasurer: Ms. Tirza Perez,

Partnerships Coordinator: Ms. Shiri Deutscher,

Partnerships Coordinator: Ms. Idit Itav Biran,

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