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Our Partners

Israel Ministry of Education, Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,  Israeli Prime Minister's Office, Jewish National Fund, Rishon LeZion Municipality, Migdal HaEmek Municipality, Nof HaGalil Municipality, Carasso Group, The Gimprich Family Foundation, GANDIR, SVF, ICA in Israel, Mozes-Wolfowitz Foundation, Clore Israel Foundation, BEYACHAD, Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek, The Shahaf Foundation, The Kathryn Ames Foundation, ROI Community - Schusterman Family Foundation, Kibbutz Sdot Yam, Embassy of the United States, Arkin Family Foundation, Kibbutz Yotvata, WIZO, Netafim, Meitar Law Offices, National Insurance Foundations, Kibbutz Yizre'el, The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, Streams Authority, Bank Leumi.

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