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 “At the Edge of Light”

Educational Delegations to

“At the Edge of Light” is an educational project in Uganda in which we send delegations of counselors to guide South Sudanese children and youth who lived in Israel as refugees and participated in HaMachanot HaOlim movement activities. They were sent back to South Sudan after its establishment and were then forced to flee once again with the outbreak of the civil war there.
The project is the result of a collaboration with the BECOME Association, which enables children who formerly lived in Israel to study and live safely in Uganda. Twice a year for the past five years, counseling teams from the movement travel during school vacations to conduct meaningful, empowering and enjoyable activities with dozens of children and youth.
“At the Edge of Light” is a direct continuation of our activities with refugee children in Israel in various programs. The deportation of refugees who had come knocking on our door painfully highlighted the need for us to create a different reality. one of commitment and responsibility for every person whoever they might be.
Our educational activity in Uganda seeks to take the life experience of these youngsters and respect their past and their roots, addressing the contents and issues they are now grappling with, including the many components of identity they have adopted during their enforced wanderings.

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